Marnie’s story: Volunteering at MADE

Our art volunteer, Marnie

I have been volunteering at MADE in East Lothian for about three months now; I volunteer on Wednesday and Saturday each week. On Wednesday, MADE hosts New Beginnings, a community group of adults with special needs. With this group, we’ve made Christmas decorations, Hallowe’en crafts and rock

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Featured Artist #2. My Jewelled Box

Originality of concept is central to the designs of My Jewelled Box. Their techniques concentrate on the preciousness of the idea rather than on the material value of the object. “We want our work to prove that jewellery design evolves just like any other art or design

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Willow Making at MADE

Emily writes, I’ve always loved willow sculpture. The willow is a beautiful, natural material, pliable to mould into wonderful shapes. I’ve seen some excellent willow lanterns at festivals and parades; giant green man puppets, and flocks of birds lighting up streets. I was excited to create my

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