Are you interested in creative skills and reuse? Please come and spend some time with us. You can get involved a project or simply drop in for a chat. Pop in to the Arts Hub between 10am-12pm, Wednesday to Friday, for one of our Creative Community groups.

Send us a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


As a very small organisation, we only take on a few collaborations at any one time with people who share our values of creativity and sustainability, and support our community of arts and makers.

If you think we’re a match, please drop an email with your proposal to to be reviewed for a future season. We look forward to hearing from you!


MADE in East Lothian’s plan to purchase the Hardgate site and develop a new community arts hub continues. Funds awarded by the Architectural Heritage Fund have enabled a full survey and valuation of the site.

“This is a long-term project for MADE.” continued Fiona. “We’re applying for further funding to take the next steps. Slowly, a wonderful facility for sustainability and culture gets a little closer.”

We’re seeking like-minded individuals who can help drive our project forward. This will be a landmark project. If you have expertise in projects which have developed iconic and sustainable buildings, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact our founding Director, Fiona Lambert, for more information.


Our precious team of volunteers helps us in so many ways. Setting up events. Sorting donations. Helping others to learns a new skill. All contributions are invaluable, and we appreciate every single minute of your time.

All are welcome. MADE in East Lothian is a safe environment for creative, friendly and caring people. We work hard to keep a light footprint on this wonderful earth. And we always have biscuits. Do join us.


Our local community generously supports us by donating furniture, craft materials and other items that we can re-use, upcycle or sell to raise funds. We’re happy to accept,

  • wooden furniture such as chest of drawers, small tables, dining chairs
  • fabric, wools, buttons, buckles
  • good quality paint
  • art and craft materials.

(Unfortunately, we can’t take on big upholstery projects such as armchairs or sofas.)


We rely on cash donations to make simple things possible. A free workshop. Facilitating a social group. Ensuring our aged workspaces are draft and leak-proof.

Of course, life has challenges right now; yet it’s still full of ideas and opportunity. We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of creativity to the health of the individual and the wealth of our community. And so we’re fundraising to make our key projects possible.

Every penny you donate to MADE in East Lothian is a magnificent gift and will make a true difference in our mission to support the talented, creative community of East Lothian.

We’re currently unable to accept donations online due to a connection problem with PayPal. We’re working on it. Apologies.

Thank you so much.

Historic photo 1930s 21a Hardgate Haddington
Historic photo 1920s 21a Hardgate Haddington
Historic photo 1960s 21a Hardgate Haddington
Photo of the Arts Hub building, decorated with bunting
Photo of art and furnishings in the Makers Gallery
Introduction to Monoprinting - February 2022