Do you have a stash of fabrics? Maybe under the bed in an old case. Two beds? Stacked in the airing cupboard, in colour order. A special dresser in your craft room. Lucky you! I bet you remember where you acquired them. Rummaging in scrap stores, vintage markets and charity shops. I’m sure you’ll have various searches on eBay (mine are tweed, bouclé and barkcloth). Where is the glorious end-of-roll-bin at John Lewis now?

If it’s yes to all the above, then you’re already ahead of the crowd when it comes to sustainable living. When you need something new, you’re likely to go to your stash and make what you need. It’s the most wonderfully eco-friendly thing you can do.

And it’s so good for your soul.

Scrap store fabric pegbag - blog postI made this on Friday! It’s a peg bag, just in case you didn’t realise … 🙂

Our old one – also handmade – eventually fell apart after 10 years. A Tesco bag-for-life was no substitute. I could have spent £1.99 in The Range’s offering. Very nice pattern, a bit smaller and not lined. £1.99 though! Tempting though that was, it didn’t match our kitchen! I want style, and quality. And I want dogtooth check, obviously.

My own fabric stash is quite curated by type of fabric and colour. I mostly have tweed, bouclé and barkcloth in a palette of mostly autumn colours. Both my wool dogtooth and olive needlecord lining came from scrapstores. We’re lucky to have two in East Lothian – there may be more.

Borders Scrapstore is based in Musselburgh’s Fisherrow Centre. Limited opening hours. How do I describe it? An Alladin’s cave for crafters. You have to be a member, but that’s only a few £s per year.

MADE in East Lothian also has it’s own Scraps Hub in the Hardgate, Haddington. Much smaller than Borders, we have mostly textiles – wools, fabrics and buttons but other things too. Craft magazines and patterns. Come and have rummage, and if you see something that inspires you, pay what you can.

We welcome donations of any craft materials or equipment. They ALWAYS go to good use. Just drop them in the Arts Hub, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Thanks!

Nicky, e-commerce co-ordinator