Ali Robinson, crochet tutorTutor Ali Robinson writes about our first crochet workshop on 9 April 2022,

This was a lovely and fun workshop. Crochet was a new activity for all but one participant (she needed a refresher). There was lots of chat about how awkward the hook felt, especially trying to pull the yarn through to make chains. And keeping your tension right!

Crochet tip! Keep practising chaining.

Participants found their own way, either just watching or writing down a sequence of “how to”. Planning out a route, and map reading. It was great to see them take off and try the next stitches for themselves. Freeform crochet was spoken about too, great to see the participants learning and attempting the pattern. Some mandala makers in the making!

Crochet tip! It’s all about counting and sequence …

In the time we had, all four managed to get to round three, much further on than I thought they might. I was asked aobut colour changes, and I managed to show this … however, we were out of time. Next time perhaps.

Information sheets, with helpful links were handed out. And when asked if they found it helpful? Yes!

We’ve planned another beginners crochet workshop in May, check our booking page for the new date.

Workshop with woman crocheting at table Workshop showing hands crocheting at table Workshop - showing two women crocheting at table Workshop - showing three women crocheting at table Workshop - showing crochet piece on table Workshop - showing woman crocheting at table Workshop - showing woman's hands crocheting at table