Emily builds her first shelves for the Haddington in Miniature model

For those who haven’t tried woodworking before, it can be daunting. Or … if you’re like me, you assume it can’t be that hard and launch in!

I’ve been fortunate to receive some woodworking mentorship and training through residencies, gaining a few insights and tips. However, I had NEVER made my own set of shelves before.

The Haddington in Miniature model is my second community artwork window display. To fit the space and display requirements, I thought it would be good to custom make some shelves. They’re made from old pallets, which I found on a friendly farm and local wood merchants. Taking the pallets apart was my first job. Who knew that leveraging two hammers between the wood slats, and not splitting the wood would be quite so tricky.

I’d roughly designed the display before getting started, but of course, as I was making them, I had to modify the plan. I even had to make up how to hold each shelf up. And this is why woodworking is so fun, it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

My first set of shelves are quite rough, but sturdy and reliable. And after a lick of grey paint by Fiona, I think they work rather well. Perhaps I should have made a tiered display to exhibit this delightful model of Haddington. I’ll know for next time!

Try for yourself

We have a good selection of tools for people to come use on their own project. One of our board members, Di has organised a new work bench. If you’re looking to get into woodworking, then don’t hesitate to drop in and find out more.

And don’t forget, we host a Repair and Upcycle group on Thursday mornings. This could be an ideal way of getting started on your own hand-built shelves.