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MADE in East Lothian supports artists, makers and the wider creative community in East Lothian


As part of our commitment to support artists and makers working in East Lothian, we’re delighted to be able to offer workshops for creative practitioners who run a business.

Our marketing workshops assist participants to focus their online time on what’s meaningful, relevant as well as creative. We help with goals and priorities, and how to tell your story to the right customers.

“I took away valuable points, which I will implement soon.” Karen Monaghan, artist


First Steps: Goals – Products and Pricing – Identifying Your Market – Branding – Getting online

This two-hour workshop aims to inspire, assist and reassure creative people who are currently setting up a business for the first time.

We’ll take a few first steps to marketing up to five new businesses. The focus is on finding realistic actions which can happen immediately, as well as planning an online presence.

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Planning – Goals and ambitions – Customers – Social Media – Storytelling – Photography

This is a two-hour workshop for artists or makers who want to use their website and social media with confidence in marketing their business.

The session is specially designed to help participants integrate digital promotion and storytelling into their creative practice. The workshop content is flexible depending on participants’ requirements.

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Thursday 9 June, 11am-1pm, Arts Hub and Gallery

By attending these workshops, you’ll also join MADE in East Lothian’s creative community with access to affordable ongoing mentoring, as well as invaluable selling opportunities in the Arts Hub Gallery in Haddington and our new online Makers’ Gallery (both 25% commission). Also, events such as our monthly market in Tyninghame (£25-30/day fee applied, discount for new makers and multiple bookings) and free inclusion in our own extensive social media activities.

Nicky Orr - ecommerce coordinatorThis workshop is hosted by Nicky Orr, MADE in East Lothian’s ecommerce coordinator.

Nicky has been working in the cultural industries for over 30 years. She began in theatre and was press officer with Edinburgh Book Festival. She’s run her own creative business – Frugal Cool Sustainable Design – since 2008. She opened the ReMade shop in Musselburgh in 2010-13 and organised the Remade Home exhibition in 2011. Nicky taught marketing and PR at Queen Margaret University and worked in commercial retail and cable communications.

Nicky is available for informal chats about marketing or creative business matters at the Arts Hub on Tuesdays between 2pm and 4pm. You’re welcome to drop in. Just let me know in advance.